Paper to electronic file.

As a user of a primary care electronic health record for 19 years, I calculated that I have roughly 6 minutes to spend on a software out of the 15-20 minutes appointment. The remaining time is spent on carrying out the evaluation of the medical condition and answer the questions of my patient.

Under these circumstances, the software application should allow the physician to use an interface whose complexity is proportional to the medical problem being evaluated and whose available clinical data are oriented towards the pathology being evaluated.

In some ways, the user-interface must show some intelligence by selecting the type of approach and the clinical data justified by the reason for consultation.

Pierre Beauchemin MD, Medi-Plus EMR designer

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Adaptable user’s interface

Medi-Plus EMR allow clinician to adapt the user’s interface granularity to the complexity of the medical condition being evaluated, while taking into account the expected duration of the episode of care.

Our primary mission is to let the physician manage the electronic application in real time according to his needs,  instead of being the passive servant of a standard user’s interface configuration.


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Transition to electronic record

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