Clinical data: from complexity to efficacity

Medi-Plus 3.0 EMR has been developed and used in primary care setting for over 19 years. In such an environment I consider having about 6 minutes to use information technology in the presence of the client during a scheduled meeting of about 15 to 20 minutes, in order to allow me to complete the questionnaire, evaluation of the medical condition, prescriptions, while allowing time to answer the questions of the user.

In such circumstances, EMR must provide the clinician with different granularity of user interfaces matching the complexity of the medical problem being assessed with precise clinical data sets and respecting the time left of encounter with the client.

Pierre Beauchemin MD, designer of the Medi-Plus 3.0 EMR.

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Transition to electronic record

Medi-Plus 3.0 EMR allows the clinician to customize the pace of the transition from paper-based medical record to the electronic medical record, taking into account the learning period required with this type of application and the schedule in charge of meeting with the client.

  • Firstly, the various existing clinical documents such as laboratory reports, diagnostic investigations, consultation reports and handwritten progress notes can be digitized chronologically according to their respective category by the staff of the secretariat, under the supervision of the clinician.
  • At the beginning of the use of the application, we encourage the professional to use his handwritten evolutionary note which will be integrated in the handwritten document form making it easy to locate in the electronic file according to its category, the date of the event and the diagnosis.
  • At the time deemed appropriate and in the presence of a user with a simple medical condition, the clinician can use the simple form of writing which is composed of windows to be filled in the questionnaire, examination, diagnosis and taking into account. customer charge.
  • After gaining some level of experience with the simple writing form during the time allotted for the meeting, the clinician will be ready to use the full essay form. This one is usually connected to only one specific problem. It is possible, however, that another simple or complete form may be opened to evaluate another different problem if there is time available.
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Adaptable user’s interface

Medi-Plus 3.0 EMR allows clinician to adapt in real time the writing of the clinical note according to complexity of the medical condition being evaluated, depending on the type of encounter (initial assessment, follow-up visit, annual report or complaining, while taking into account his mastery of the computer tool and the expected duration of the episode of care.

Our primary mission is to let the healthcare professional manage the complexity of the user interface in real time as needed, rather than being the passive servant of a standard configuration redaction form.

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